ActionCOACH founder and chairman

Brad Sugars, founder and chairman

Brad Sugars ActionCOACHThanks for your interest in the ActionCOACH business coaching opportunity.

Right now I would like to share with you one of the simple philosophies that have helped me enjoy the satisfaction of achieving both my personal and professional business goals, and that's something I learned from Jim Rohn.

"Never wish your life were easier, wish that you were better..."

With new knowledge, you can create new solutions, and that's what we provide business owners.

It still pains me to this day to see self-employed business owners working 60-70 hours per week in their businesses. Single-handedly, they are the bookkeepers, receptionists, supply managers, office assistants, and technicians all rolled into one.

Unfortunately, they get so used to doing all the work, they start to believe they already know how to improve and grow their business. They think they just have to work harder. They call themselves business owners, but really they have done nothing more than buy themselves jobs. In other words, their business is managing them—They are not managing their business.

I founded this company with the primary objective being to help business owners build great businesses. And, I'm looking for like-minded people, possibly you, to join our team and help us help millions of business owners struggling because they don't know what to do next. 

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Most people have a dream and a vision of what their lives will be like as a business owner. More time with the family, frequent vacations, a high quality lifestyle. These are just a few of the most common dreams of business owners.

I don't know a single business owner who went into business with the objective of working 70 hours per week. So, if you're ready to build a great business coaching firm, with a great lifestyle, an hourly rate most professionals only dream of, and have the support and backup of a global company, then it's time to start that process. Contact us today.

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Brad Sugars

founder and chairman ActionCOACH