ActionCOACH Client Says her ActionCOACH Business Coach is the BEST

Erika Hepersaite is the Marketing Manager for Mcausland & Turner and she has learned so much from ActionCOACH Business Coach, Pam Featherstone, and ActionCOACH over the last 6 months of working together. Pam has helped them find their niche in their business. Now Erika can say that her ActionCOACH Business Coach is the BEST.

Mcausland & Turner now recognize that they will have competition, people that do the same thing as them and that is okay. Through Pam and her coaching, she has helped Erika and their business find their niche, as well as their unique selling point. They can help their clients find the solutions to their problems, and that is definitely one of the best things that they’ve experienced with ActionCOACH so far.

Pam has also given them the tools to deal with rejection. In every business you can’t please everyone and that’s okay. That is the second most important thing that they’ve learned. You can’t please everyone in the business but you can be the best at what you do. Pam has helped them be the best.

Listen to Erika’s full interview where she tells you why she has enjoyed her experience with ActionCOACH Business Coach, Pam Featherstone


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