Proud to be an ActionCOACH - Doug Winnie

Some of the things that happen to you in life are not under your control. I’ve had what many considered to be a tough life. Moving from house to house as a child in a financially-challenged family, to having to raise my younger brothers when I was only thirteen. To being shot at while delivering pizzas in Detroit somewhere at seventeen. To running away from home and moving across the country at 19. To enrolling myself in college and writing a deposit check with no money in the bank. After having several jobs and growing a couple of businesses, the struggles and successes had little meaning.

Beginning in 2009, I started as a brand new ActionCOACH. What I’ve learned about business and life, they are not easy or hard, it’s exactly what you make of it, and I am a believer.

On day one of ActionCOACH, I wrote 20 I am Statements. And everyone I wrote, except two, which didn’t matter to me after a few days, have all come true. I am a proud parent. I wasn’t before ActionCOACH. I am a dynamic public speaker and wasn’t before ActionCOACH. I am talking with my mother daily and wasn’t before ActionCOACH.

I am a multimillionaire and wasn’t before ActionCOACH. I am getting amazing results for my clients. I am seeked out to be a coach. I am a proud owner of a Tesla. I am so proud of myself for doing all it took and all it takes to achieve greatness for our clients, for my family, for myself and now for the entire world. I am proud to be an ActionCOACH, and I am Doug Winnie.


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