ActionCOACH Coaching For A Cause

Staying True To Our Vision

Just as we place an emphasis on our company culture and value our ability to help business owners around the world, we hope to instill that same commitment in each of our ActionCOACHES. Our vision states: “World Abundance through Business Re-Education” – this goes not only for companies who can pay for our services, but also for some of those worthy companies and causes who cannot.

The Program

Coaching for a Cause is a far-reaching, global pro-bono coaching program that helps non-profits and charities from all walks of life increase their top-level goals and better manage their funds through a simple pledge system. It will enable our coaches to make a contribution to society by choosing a cause close to their heart.

The Goals

  • At least 100 top coaches participating in the program
  • Donating at least 10,000 coaching hours to chosen charities approximately valued at $1.8 million (USD)
  • Raising at least $2.5 million in additional donations over the course of the 6-month campaign (October-March)

The Reasons

Gleaning from personal experience in donating charitable business coaching time, our founder and chairman, Brad Sugars, decided to implement the Coaching for a Cause global program in 2009.

Brad Sugars

“With the increase in the number of charities and the decline in the amount of charitable giving in the current economic climate, I knew there was no better time than the present to roll out this massive program.”

Additionally, it aligns perfectly with our ActionCOACH philosophy: Don’t give the person a fish; teach them how to fish. Coaching charities and non-profits is far more effective than giving them cash. This way, non-profits will learn how to raise donations for their causes today and in the future.