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Proud To Be An ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH - Andrew Johnston

Andrew Johnston The Southern Most ActionCOACH In The World One of my clients recently said to me, “Out of all the things that you could do, why do you choose to work with business owners like myself and help us grow our businesses?” And I said, “Man, I can’t figure a better space that I could be in. I get to work with guys like you. You’re this and that. You’re fun. Your interest in business is--and I--get to help you realize your dreams and be part of your success.



ActionCOACH - Doug Winnie

I am a multimillionaire and wasn’t before ActionCOACH. I am getting amazing results for my clients. I am seeked out to be a coach. I am a proud owner of a Tesla. I am so proud of myself for doing all it took and all it takes to achieve greatness for our clients, for my family, for myself and now for the entire world. I am proud to be an ActionCOACH, and I am Doug Winnie.



ActionCOACH - John Cottrell

Hi My name is John Cottrell...I’m here to talk to you today about why I’m an ActionCOACH...there’s 3 why’s really…

Number 1..The life that you want to have working from home serving the local community The second...great learning...and the journey of learning continuing… And the third...the great community that we allow everyone to create the success they want...and the life they want.