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Doug Winnie

Doug Winnie

ActionCOACH - Houston Texas

"I Became A Business Coach and changed my life forever. I increased my net worth, my lifestyle has improved and I travel to exotic places when I want."

John Cottrell

John Cottrell

ActionCOACH - Herts UK

"There is a spirit of competitive co-operation in ActionCOACH which means we all learn from each other ... I’ve been able to change my life, my family’s life and my clients’ lives."

Peg and Pete§

Peg Buehrle and Pete McDowell

ActionCOACH - Ohio

“The culture of the ActionCOACH is one of bringing together. Not only do we help business owners and our clients but we help each other."

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Testimonials From Our Coaches

Maresa NG

Maresa NG

ActionCOACH - Malasia
Having been with ActionCOACH since 2008, Brad's organization has helped me grow, and that has assisted me to help many entrepreneurs. I'm so glad he started ActionCOACH. In his seminars, he shares practical ways of how he became successful with buying, building and selling businesses.

One of the toughest most successful gurus, from actually showing the way from DOING, not teaching.

Barb Kyes

Barb Kyes

ActionCOACH - Florida
ActionCOACH was an opportunity for us to work together as a couple and also bring our daughter into the business, and have a wonderful time together.

What most attracted me to ActionCOACH was the culture. People will choose culture over money anytime. The culture of the company is what really keeps peoples engaged.

Lisa Walker

Lisa Walker

ActionCOACH - California
Coaching is for people who are successful but want to get their business to the next level. Maybe you’re tired of working the number of hours that you're working and you want to make more money and work fewer hours, that’s what coaching does.

Mike McKay

Mike McKay

ActionCOACH - Wisconsin

I can only say how grateful I am to be part of this organization.

When I bought my franchise, I thought I knew what I was getting in to. Little did I know that this would change my life, and the lives of so many others, in ways that I couldn't even comprehend.

Thanks for creating this, Brad Sugars!

Proud To Be An ActionCOACH

These videos, featuring our ActionCOACH franchisees, give powerful insights on being an ActionCOACH business coach - revealing the depth of the ActionCOACH franchise systems.  Witness the passion and heart ActionCOACH franchisees have for helping business owners succeed.

Kelly Peitz

West Virginia

A short interview with Kelly Peitz , our new ActionCOACH Master licensee in Kentucky, Virginia, & West Virginia. 

"After serving 25 years in the army and spending 5 years searching for a business when I ran into ActionCOACH and saw their values adn their mission it was really a no brainer.

It's allowing me to utilize everything I have learned in my last 25 years in the military and applying it directly to what I will be doing as a master licensee and an ActionCOACH."

Greg Jablonski


A short interview with Greg Jablonski , our new ActionCOACH Partner based in Massachusetts.

"I am very proud to be an ActinCOACH because it presents me with the opportunity to get small businessses on the right track using the ActionCOACH and business coaching principles.

The opportunity to do that is very rewarding and very satisfying. It is also a two-way street to help a small business who is in dire need of some financial help or get some of their processes sorted help"

Paul Steel

South Africa

A short interview with Paul, our new ActionCOACH Partner based in South Africa.

"What made me choose ActionCOACH was the opportunity to work with small and medium business owners and to share a lot of the earnigns and lessons that I have had over the last 17-20 years as a small business owner myself, and to help them get through that process of not making the same mistakes as I did.

My biggest opportunities during the training have been practising during the role-playing which I learnt to get vary comfortable with. It was a good learning experience."

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The concept of business coaching, as it is widely known today, was pioneered in 1993 by founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars. More than two decades later, the company that started it all is still on top. In fact, no franchise in the “business coaching” category is 10% of our size in total revenues.

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