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It gives me satisfaction to see people happy and prosperous through improving their business. In two months working with one of my clients, we were able to exceed his expectations and double his income. 

Inna Orlianski, South Africa

When I left the corporate world I knew that I was going to become a coach but wasn't sure which coaching model or process I should look at. When I saw the system Brad Sugars created, I was in. Literally in a 10 minute conversation I knew this was what I was going to do.

Now I get to see Brad on a regular basis at conferences and events and every time I see him speak I end up with 20-30 pages of notes. Totally bizarre to me because it's the same stuff, he just takes us deeper and deeper into it.

Mike Mckay, Wisconsin

I want to leave a legacy that changes the way we think about our business and how we deal with everyday problems. When you see the gratification and reward when [a business owner] can look after his family and spend time with his children, that makes a huge difference. There is so much abundance, so much knowledge, so much goodwill in ActionCOACH. I could not have done what I do without ActionCOACH. I can live my dream now.

Fergus Ferguson, Pretoria
Having been with ActionCOACH since 2008, Brad's organization has helped me grow, and that has assisted me to help many entrepreneurs. I'm so glad he started ActionCOACH. In his seminars, he shares practical ways of how he became successful with buying, building and selling businesses. One of the toughest most successful gurus, from actually showing the way from DOING, not teaching."
Maresa NG - ActionCOACH Malasia
ActionCOACH offers you a brand and it really does speak for itself. It has a proven track record. There is a whole community with me that I can call who help me through this journey as an ActionCOACH.
Shilpa Bibikar, Australia

My life before ActionCOACH I spent most of my times overseas to such an extent that actually I felt the hotel rooms I was living in actually were a bit like prison cells. And I realised if I'm so good at turning companies around, then all I need to turn around next is my own life so I needed to do was find a vehicle as it were to allow me to build a business from home and that's where ActionCOACH comes in.

The community is really key because the community is what creates the environment for everybody to be successful. Whatever success is, whatever your terms are, it allows you to create that success and that is what it has done for me, which has been an absolutely fantastic journey.

Doug Winnie, Houston Texas

I am proud to be a part of ActionCOACH, not only because it is a good system and has all the tools, but because it is also a system of education for the business owner. It teaches them to think of themselves and the business differently. You need to be who you need to be and do what you need to do to get what you want to have. That's a life transforming process and that's why I'm proud to be an ActionCOACH.

Elisa Yu, San Francisco
I am a multi-millionair... I am getting amazing results for my clients... I am seeked out to be a coach... I am a proud owner of a Tesla... I am so proud of myself for doing all that it took and all that it takes to achieve greatness for my clients, for my family, for myself and now for the entire world... I am proud to be an ActionCOACH.
Doug Winnie - Houston Texas

What made me choose ActionCOACH was the opportunity to work with smaller and medium business owners and to share a lot of the learnings and lessons that I have had over the last 20 years as a small business owner myself.

Paul Steel, South Africa

I really enjoy being an ActionCOACH, I've been doing for a long time now. The sense of satisfaction that you gain from working with your clients is immense. And being part of the ACtionCOACH community really has exceeded my expectations when I bought the franchise all those years ago.

Russ Hall, Georgia

I'm really excited to join the ActionCOACH team. I know how tough it is to not only to get to the top of your industry and also stay there and so I'm thoroughly impressed with ActionCOACH. The success of the ActionCOACH really speaks for itself.

Beau Robinson, Australia

One of the reasons that I am so proud to be part of this organisation, ActionCOACH business coaching, is because we get to do amazing things with our clients. When you get a client who comes in so frustrated with his business and just wants to get out of it, and then he comes in a short time later and he's excited to be there and electrified about his business there is nothing that is more rewarding than that. I love this company.

Larrie McNaughton - Minnesota

I often get asked why I joined actionCOACH and bought a coaching franchise. I discovered coaching a while a go while I was a broad and fell in love with the brand. Then I found out it could actually be a career and a business I could buy. The more I learned about it the better I liked it.

Trevor Clark, South Africa

ActionCOACH has been doing this for over 25 years and they've developed a system. This system has worked across various industries across the world. And so you have this system that has been worked on, that has been established. You have the resource you have through coaches all across the world, the fact that it is a global company. We are in over 75 countries and currently helping over 15,000 businesses a week, there really isn't much else to look at. I can pull upon all that industry knowledge, pull upon the knowledge of all our coaches to help my clients better.

Jeremy Barbee, Texas

My life has changed in so many ways. ActionCOACH has caused me to build some great networks, some great contacts and great relationships, not only business-wise but personal-wise. It also has caused my wife and kids to think about things differently. My wife has attended a lot of ActionCOACH conferences with me and so she has had that similar mindset of personal growth and business growth. We have had come along this journey together as a family and our relationship has been stronger because of that.

Monte Wyatt, Iowa

I had been looking for a business that gives me a transition out of my corporate background. What appealed to me about ActionCOACH was the coaching model, the focus on growing businesses and also the accumulation of knowledge and tools that they bring having worked with thousands of business. It's a compelling combination.

Sanjiv Dodhia - London, UK
Matt Ewer

Matt Ewer

ActionCOACH - Warwickshire, UK

Matt Ewer is only 36 and is already on his second successful franchise business. When he was looking for a new challenge, he chose ActionCOACH to help him exit his Premier Sport franchise and, at the same time, ensure the ActionCOACH franchise was exactly what he was looking for.

Laurence Duncan

Lucy Cameron

ActionCOACH - East Sussex, UK

“I chose ActionCOACH because they are a credible business well-established in the business coaching industry. They’ve been highly professional from the start and the quality of the other coaches is extremely good. I looked at other types of franchises but I selected ActionCOACH as it was a natural blend of my business and people development skills.”

Laurence Duncan

Lawrence Duncan

ActionCOACH - Leicestershire, UK

Laurence Duncan has gone from renewable energy to energising business owners.

"The franchise gives you several things - community, training, innovation and encouragement. Community is probably the most important factor"

Shweta Jhajharia

Shweta Jhajharia

ActionCOACH - London, UK

Shweta Jhajharia joined ActionCOACH in 2008 and has since advanced to be one of the most inspiring young women in business.

Shweta is a MBA graduate of the Indian Institute of Management (IIM), India’s top management institute, and was with Unilever for over 8 years in various management roles across Asia and Europe.

Jeff Shrimpton

Jeff Shrimpton

ActionCOACH - Oxfordshire, UK

“I never thought I would be wealthy or successful but my mindset has changed and now I’m driven to achieve both. I’m aiming for £24,000 a month in client income by September 2016 and if I hit that target then I have promised myself a Maserati. Lucy is now looking for our dream home and our children are able to attend one of the best schools in the UK. We couldn’t have dreamed of this before ActionCOACH."

Mandy Hildred

Mandy Hildred

ActionCOACH - Yorkshire, UK

Working as business manager for a local charity in 2005, Mandy Hildred had called in ActionCOACH to inject some dynamism into an organisation which was stagnating. She found the experience so enjoyable that when her contract was up with the - newly successful - charity she joined the team. Eight years on as an ActionCOACH in her own right, Mandy has never looked back.

Some of Our Clients

Lauren Davenport

Lauren Davenport

The Symphony Agency
One of the things that the ActionCOACH team really did that was huge for me is open my eyes to the depth of how complex a business can really be.
Charlotte Dunagan

Charlotte Dunagan

Charlotte Dunagan Design Group
My coach is my weekly boost! She inspires and motivates me. My business and personal life has been completely transformed as a result of having a business coach.
Hilal Gülseçen

Hilal Gülseçen

Seçen Tekstil
I learned that having a super team is very important in terms of becoming an international business with help of ActionCOACH. Now I am planning to improve my entrepreneur skills with my ActionCOACH.
Brendan Carlin

Brendan Carlin

Prestige Lock Service
In the first 5 months our profits increased by 155% and in the last 3 months we’ve made just as much profit as we did for the previous 6 months.
Suleyman Yilmaz

Suleyman Yilmaz

Awesome Bros.
One of the things that the ActionCOACH team really did that was huge for me is open my eyes to the depth of how complex a business can really be.
Lauren Davenport

Tanner Loebel

The tools they [ActionCOACH] gave us to record and analyze the data is what’s really helped. I wouldn’t have known anything about that if I didn’t go to ActionCOACH.
Kaihan Krippendorf

Kaihan Krippendorf

The Kai Method
What has most impressed me about having an ActionCOACH is the ability to “see” in me what I cannot see myself.
Nurcan Teker

Nurcan Teker

3E Etkinlik Ltd. Şti.
We learned a lot with ActionCOACH; managing time, effective feedback systems and we realised that we did not use most of the marketing tools that we could leverage from.

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