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You will become a certified ActionCOACH and build a thriving coaching practice. In this model your franchise agreement allows for only ONE certified coach. Our PRACTICE partners enjoy the freedom and flexibility of this streamlined relationship-based business, selecting their own clients, and working on their own terms from a home office.

The owner of a “Practice” may hire an office manager, assistant, or business development representative. But you would be the only certified ActionCOACH in the franchise able to provide “coaching services.” Obviously, the ability to build a team of certified professional coaches is the ideal way to grow your business and leverage your resources. However, there are other resources and opportunities to expand your local brand and increase revenues. For example; you can develop a specialization, target specific industries, or work with larger companies in order to increase your fees. Many of our coaches offer seminars and group coaching programs that allow you to dramatically increase your dollar value per hour as well as sell a variety of business tools and educational products.

Here at ActionCOACH you are not limited by territory. Our coaches have the ability to coach clients located anywhere in the world. More and more we are seeing modern technology and affordable media tools expand the reach of our coaches. Through the PRACTICE model you can earn a phenomenal income and remain the sole coach in your franchise. Furthermore, your ambition will not require you to purchase additional franchise units or territories like many other franchises. Here at ActionCOACH… the sky is the limit.

Here is a recent photograph of ActionCOACH, Karie Kauffman in San Diego, CA (PRACTICE OWNER) as she facilitates a quarterly goal-setting workshop with 25 of her personal one-on-one business clients.


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The concept of business coaching, as it is widely known today, was pioneered in 1993 by founder of ActionCOACH Brad Sugars. More than two decades later, the company that started it all is still on top. In fact, no franchise in the “business coaching” category is 10% of our size in total revenues.

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