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3 Reasons We’re Building a Business Network in Turkey

3 Reasons We’re Building a Business Network in Turkey

Business and executive coaching are valued at $2.4 billion, with a market that is expected to grow globally by 10 percent in the coming year, according to the International Coach Federation (ICF). 

While business coaching has a continuously strong presence in the U.S., agile industry leaders like ActionCOACH have been shifting their focus abroad to capitalize on new, untapped markets in Europe and the Middle East – which have even stronger growth potential than the U.S.

As the bridge between Europe and the Middle East, Turkey presents an incredible opportunity to expand our international footprint – while also providing an unparalleled endeavor for entrepreneurs looking to make a difference in their local business community.

Here are three reasons why we have set our sights on Turkey, and what makes it such an exciting opportunity for ActionCOACH Master Licensees and franchise partners:

  1. Strong Industry that Makes a Difference

Across the world, there are 60,000 recognized executive and business coaches – a number that increases daily. This speaks to the favorability and fulfillment coaches see in their work when they’re able to make a significant positive impact on clients’ lives and businesses. But, even more than the popularity of the profession, it signals a growing need for the strategic guidance and high-level oversight that businesses increasingly seek out. 

Not only are business coaches more sought after now than ever, but the ROI business owners are seeing is also driving demand. In fact, the mean ROI for companies investing in coaching was seven times the initial investment, according to a recent global survey. With companies around the world recognizing the benefits they can garner from hiring a coach, business coaching has quickly become one of the fastest growing international industries. 

“The main reason I came to ActionCOACH was that I love teaching and helping people achieve their potential,” said Aysegul Elif Tozkoparan Cekinmez, an ActionCOACH franchise partner in Turkey. “I’m proud to work with ActionCOACH because it gives me the opportunity to inspire people and change their beliefs. I can really make a difference in their lives and also, of course, in their businesses.” 

Aseygul worked with a group of three of our ActionCOACH Turkey Master Licensees – Aysegul Aksak, Ozge Cagri Toraman and Gulnur Deger. 

“I really enjoyed working with that group of women, and they taught me a lot – I was excited to continue learning and helping others through my work with ActionCOACH,” Aysegul added. 

  1. Opportunity for Growth

With the rising crisis of Turkey’s currency, along with a fragile banking sector, the country is facing tough economic times. Some experts have already even made the claim that the country is in the midst of a steep recession. When countries face deep-seated economic issues, particularly as businesses continue to buckle down on spending, they need business coaching more than ever. This is one of the reasons we’ve been increasingly focused on Turkey for development – demand is almost guaranteed for ActionCOACH franchise partners in Turkey. 

Especially as business owners focus more on day-to-day operations and their own sales, they need the high-level, outside perspective business coaches can offer them, in order to find creative solutions to their problems. 

  1. Increase Brand Awareness

With a presence in more than 70 countries, ActionCOACH has significant brand awareness, but that doesn’t mean our work here is done.

Turkey is the perfect place for us to continue growing our brand while fostering greater awareness in international markets. Increasing awareness and focusing on our growth development efforts, we’re helping our franchise partners in Turkey, while we make ActionCOACH an even more recognizable brand for franchise partners all over the globe. In a growing industry with immense demand, it’s essential to continue maintaining our place as an international, industry-leading business coaching giant. 

“ActionCOACH is the No. 1 business coaching company in the world, which is what attracted me to the opportunity,” said Selda Dogancan, an ActionCOACH Turkey franchise partner. “They had all the training systems and support in place that really sets every ActionCOACH partner up for success. It’s like a large family, with experienced coaches all over the world.” 

Because of business coaching’s strong global demand, coupled with the opportunities offered by countries like Turkey, ActionCOACH continues to expand our international footprint and offer new opportunities for franchise partners. By creating a more favorable regional and global economy through coaching, business coaches are able to have a widespread impact – while also spreading positive brand awareness for the ActionCOACH name. 

If you’re interested in aligning yourself with the industry leader in business coaching, fill out our form to request more information about ActionCOACH today.

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