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A Closer Look at the Master Licensee Opportunity with ActionCOACH

A Closer Look at the Master Licensee Opportunity with ActionCOACH

The ActionCOACH Master Licensee opportunity is unique because it not only helps business owners achieve professional and personal success, but it helps grow the brand. And, by expanding ActionCOACH’s reach, you’re giving more business owners the opportunity to grow and prosper. It’s the epitome of our brand’s vision:

World Abundance through Business Re-education

Here’s how it works: Master Licensees serve as the franchisor with exclusive rights to develop a territory – which may be a country, part of a country or a group of small countries. As a Master Licensee, you will serve your large community of ActionCOACH franchisees as you recruit new business coaches and provide them with support and training.

To get started making a difference in a big way, Master Licensees will need an office and a staff.

Establishing the ActionCOACH HQ in Your Territory

With the responsibility of developing the ActionCOACH brand in a territory, you will need to start out with an office that is at least 800 square foot in size or enough space to train and support at least 12 business coaches. The amount of space should also accommodate the typical staff of two to four employees.

A full starting staff would include a franchise development specialist/salesperson, a marketer, a coach mentor and an administrative/finance person. Plan on paying an average salary of $45,000 per person.

Multiple Benefits for ActionCOACH Master Licensees

As a member of the most recognized name in the business coaching profession, and as the demand for business coaching increases and evolves, you can establish your territory and grow it steadily with ActionCOACH franchisees. The Master Licensee can be a very lucrative position as you will receive most of the franchise sales and ongoing monthly royalties.

But the rewards extend beyond monetary income. Individuals with a strong desire to help the business communities in their territory prosper and who believe in the ActionCOACH mission and vision will do well as Master Licensees.

“It’s been fantastic having the chance to help so many people develop and grow,” said ActionCOACH Master Licensee Alejandro De Gyves of Mexico. “It’s great seeing how we make a difference in our communities. I look forward to keep doing what I love.”

Although Master Licensees oversee large territories, they don’t have to do it alone. Kelly Pietz, a Master Licensee in West Virginia, shares ideas with other Master Licensees around the world.

“Having that global perspective is amazing,” he said. “Each one of us plays a part in the ActionCOACH vision becoming realized.”

In addition to possessing a desire to help communities grow, our Master Licensees have strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate others.

A Master Licensee (or their designated Territory CEO) should possess:

  • Confidence and excellent communication skills
  • A broad network of business owners
  • The ability to develop and foster strong relationships
  • A history of helping others achieve success
  • A fresh, yet professional business style
  • At least five years in a business development role
  • Some coaching experience – business, sports or education
  • First-hand working knowledge of small businesses

Learn more about the ActionCOACH Master Licensee opportunity and apply to become an ActionCOACH today.

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