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ActionCOACH Master Licensee Husband and Wife Duo Find Success in Business and as a Family

ActionCOACH Master Licensee Husband and Wife Duo Find Success in Business and as a Family

Annette and Craig Hohnberger met at their first job out of college. After only a few dates into their relationship, Craig said he wanted to talk about something.

“I was worried it might be serious,” Annette said. “But he said he wanted to own a business someday. Both his and my parents were business owners, so we’ve always had it on our minds.”

Annette and Craig got married and started a family together while both continued climbing the corporate ladder. As their jobs called for more travel and time away from home, they had a similar moment of clarity.

“Craig and I were both traveling for work, and my parents would drive from the next state over to watch the kids,” Annette said. “When our daughter took her first steps, Craig and I were both out of the country. It forced me to reevaluate my lifestyle.”

The pair knew this was the time to look into starting a business. Craig found an ad for the ActionCOACH Master Licensee opportunity that called for “people with heart.” He was so enthusiastic about the idea that he woke Annette up in the middle of the night to tell her. 

In 2001, just a few months after learning about the ActionCOACH opportunity, Craig signed on as a Master Licensee and the pair has seen consistent growth ever since.

From Franchise Support to Franchisee

Once their Master Licensee territory was established, Annette joined the business initially spending some time as a coach. This helped her develop recruiting skills and her ability to train new franchise partners before she started focusing on franchisee support, marketing, financial management and sales. 

Then, a year and a half ago Annette purchased her own franchise.

“In my corporate days, I was more worried about a paycheck,” Annette said. “With ActionCOACH, I can see that there’s more to life than the money, and now I get to help people.”

Annette prides herself on helping businesses expand. One of her favorite clients is a fantastic veterinarian who needed guidance on business processes. 

“The veterinarian learned so much about running a business through coaching,” Annette said. “The ActionCOACH systems are fabulous, and she grew because of it.”

In fact, the vet’s profits have increased 79 percent in less than two years, and Annette has worked to solve management miscommunication. Annette says it’s rewarding to see clients grow and businesses expand.

Empowering Female Entrepreneurs

For Annette, being a key stakeholder in the ActionCOACH brand is about more than just running a business—she’s helping people achieve their dreams, and she’s found an area of expertise.

“As a female business owner, I like working with other female business owners or husband and wife teams,” Annette said. “I can resonate with them on what it’s like and guide them to success.”

Annette has helped female business owners grow their business and meet personal goals too. One female executive client hadn’t spoken with her mother in years, and through coaching Annette helped them reconnect. She explained how it sometimes takes personal development to jumpstart professional development.

A Family Franchise

When traveling for work, both had missed kids’ milestones, so now family is a priority. ActionCOACH has not only allowed the Hohnberger’s to fulfill their business dreams, but they have travelled the world as a family, too.

“We want life experiences with our kids,” Annette said. “Taking them to conferences, they can see the world, and they’re more mature because of it.”

Moving forward, Annette wants to keep growing her franchise and helping people, with a goal to become the top firm in the ActionCOACH system.

“My favorite clients are often the competitive ones because I’m a competitive person too,” Annette said. “That’s why I’ll keep growing.”

If you’re interested in being a difference maker in your community through business coaching, fill out our form to request more information about ActionCOACH today.

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