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Agribusiness Exec Grows Other Businesses and Himself as a Business Coach

Agribusiness Exec Grows Other Businesses and Himself as a Business Coach

Monte Wyatt, a 14-year veteran of the ActionCOACH franchise system, spent an equal number of years in agribusiness and felt his list of qualms in his corporate career growing unduly long.

“I had lived in North and South Dakota, Chicago, Sacramento, Kansas City and Des Moines, Iowa. I was flying three out of four weeks, travelling about 80 percent of the time and was away from my family most of the time,” explained Monte.

Monte’s heavy travelling schedule began to take its toll. He had also been through three mergers. His career and his professional and personal goals simply weren’t clicking the way he wanted them to. The communication and leadership in the corporate setting were lacking.

A business broker originally introduced the ActionCOACH opportunity to Monte. It aligned with his ideals and was a business through which he could have a great impact.

“Doing the due diligence, it really matched my desires and where I wanted to go,” Monte said. “It’s amazing how time flies when you enjoy what you’re doing.”

Starting Over as a Business Coach

A self-proclaimed farm boy from Iowa, Monte graduated from Iowa State University with a degree in agricultural business. He then spent more than a decade with an agricultural chemical company where he mostly dealt with sales, sales training and marketing management. He gained valuable knowledge about the intricacies of organizational systems and common problems within a corporate system.

But, business ownership and business coaching, specifically, were brand new worlds for him.

The fear factor was real – he would be leaving a steady source of income and venturing out without a single client with whom to build momentum. Another unfortunate side effect of his heavy travel schedule was a deficit in terms of professional networks or local business relationships set up in his hometown of Des Moines.

“I just had to start from scratch,” Monte noted. “I had to get outside of the house, go to meet people, go to networking events, get to know others in the business world and get involved in the community.”

At the same time, a solid foundation through the initial 10-day ActionCOACH training helped equip Monte with the right strategies to market his services to local business owners.

Being a Difference-Maker for Other Entrepreneurs

The ActionCOACH model has allowed entrepreneurs like Monte to reach a variety of businesses in the community and promote healthy business practices.

“You know, I don’t actually consider myself an entrepreneur,” Monte said. “I see myself as a coach helping other entrepreneurs. My proudest moments are when I see the businesses thrive and grow.”

Monte works with roughly 25 clients at a time and they all operate in different industries and verticals. But, in particular, an insurance company client stands out for him.

“I was able to work closely with the chief operating officer as he was being developed to eventually become CEO of the business,” Monte said. “The time came for the company to put together a five-year strategic plan, which they had never done before.”

The client didn’t have clarity for the future but had been in business for decades. So, Monte facilitated their strategic planning sessions and helped them implement it. One of the goals they had set was to increase revenue from $495 million to $650 million.

Monte helped them identify their top priorities, changes they needed to make to their business and generated excitement and engagement around the strategic vision. Five years later, they hit their revenue goal. For Monte, it was amazing to see that growth and be a part of it too.

A Franchise Opportunity Built on Personal Development

ActionCOACH provides the tools and strategies that businesses need to grow. A big reason Monte left the corporate world was to reclaim his time, so he could be with his family more often. He’s learned to be more intentional with his time, having discipline and focus when it comes to clarifying his goals.

“We teach our clients how to grow and change, so we’ve got to do the same too,” Monte said.

For other considering joining the ActionCOACH network of business coaches, Monte impresses the importance of following the system. As someone with an extensive background sales and marketing, he felt he knew it all, which made his first year in business less successful than what it could have been. It took that experience for him to recognize that the blueprint set up by ActionCOACH – one that’s replicable and successful in countless geographies across the globe – has been proven time and again.

Through his time with ActionCOACH, not only has Monte improved the outlook for a variety of local businesses, he’s made a significant, positive impact on own his life, too.

“My wife and I still joke about it – we’re not sure where the money came from. But we survived, and it’s definitely been the best decision we’ve ever made.”

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