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Canadian ActionCOACH Franchisee Inspired to Pay it Forward

Canadian ActionCOACH Franchisee Inspired to Pay it Forward

Dan Holstein became an ActionCOACH franchisee and business coach because he was inspired by the help provided to him by another ActionCOACH business coach. The good will and desire to help his community, along with training and support provided by the most recognized name in business coaching, has paid off handsomely for Dan, who owns a Premium Practice in Stoney Creek, Ontario, Canada. Today, he is in the top 5 percent of ActionCOACH franchise partners and a Master Coach.

But the road to success started with the need to get out from under his technology consulting and software development company, which he owned for 12 years.

“My time was highly constrained,” Dan said. “Even though I had a team, everything went through me – decision-making, trouble-shooting and more. I had all these goals I wanted to accomplish for my business, but I could never achieve them in the timeframe I had in mind. Nothing was ever calm or had an even flow. Everything was rushed. My stuff always came last because I was so service-centric.”

Dan worked with an ActionCOACH business coach for two and half years. The business coach helped him improve in several areas, including:

  • Prioritizing his time
  • Learning how to say no and putting his own objectives first
  • Managing clients. 

In time, Dan became more proactive and less reactive. This resulted in less stress and more time for himself and his family.

“I got my peace of mind and life back,” he said. “But, I realized I didn’t want to be in technology anymore. I was good at it, but didn’t really love it. To do what I did, you really need to love it in order to achieve the best outcomes for your clients. So, I decided to sell.”

ActionCOACH then helped Dan grow the business to a point where he could sell – which he did, to a larger competitor. Dan knew exactly what he wanted to do next – become an ActionCOACH business coach.

Paying it Forward

Dan wanted to do the same thing for other business owners that his ActionCOACH business coach did for him. In 2010, he became an ActionCOACH franchise owner. Dan’s success as a business coach allowed him to upgrade his franchise to a Premium Practice and bring on an additional business coach. His practice typically works with 25 businesses at a time and sees an annual revenue stream in the $375,000 to $425,000 range. He is also a Master Coach, coaching other business coaches around the world and training new ActionCOACH franchisees.

But, moving from working in technology to working as a business coach did not come without some challenges. Chief among them was selling himself to business owners for services he’s never provided before.

“I overcame that by completely trusting in the ActionCOACH system,” Dan said. “I relied on two things: One, what we do works. I experienced it on the other end as a business owner. Our intellectual properties, methodologies and strategies to help businesses grow work all around the world. Two, our supportive community. There are coaches around the world that I can reach out to. There are forums and Facebook pages that we connect on, and I’ve done it multiple times.”

Making a Difference in Familiar Territory

One of Dan’s successes rang familiar to him. He helped the owner of a construction company who was working 80 hours a week and missing time with his wife and 3-month old son. The business owner took on every responsibility at his company, but it became too much and he lost control of the business.

However, in less than a month, Dan helped this business owner cut his time at work down to 45 hours a week by teaching the business owner how to delegate and trust his team.

“Everyone at the company rose to the challenge and he got his time back,” Dan said. “One of the first things I made him do was set a date night with his wife because they hadn’t been out in many months.”

Improving Lives has its Rewards

A willingness to help others improve their lives is the No. 1 driver for successful ActionCOACH franchisees, Dan said. After all, it was an ActionCOACH business coach that helped Dan, which ultimately led to Dan’s success.

“If you want to become a business coach for the money, you won’t be successful,” Dan said. “That’s the wrong motivation. At ActionCOACH, you have to show up willing to help people improve their lives and believing in our vision: ‘World abundance through business re-education.’ You have to live and breathe that.”

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