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How This ActionCOACH Succeeds in Business by Helping Clients Grow Theirs

How This ActionCOACH Succeeds in Business by Helping Clients Grow Theirs

Before joining ActionCOACH, Dr. Michael Hartley was both a business consultant and business owner. He started his first business, a video production company, in 2008. 

“I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do, so I transitioned my education and experience to focus more on what it takes to own a business,” Dr. Hartley said. “I was given a great opportunity to start something cool in the consulting arena working with luxury automotive dealers.” 

In line with his graphic design and digital media experience, Dr. Hartley started out helping car brands shift their digital strategy. The role quickly evolved into overall business strategy guidance – which is when Dr. Hartley realized his passion for consulting. 

Dr. Hartley went back to school and received his PhD in Philosophy and Business Strategy and Innovation. At the same time, he continued working as a consultant, shifting overall brand strategy and helping guide luxury car manufacturers toward success. 

“We helped one manufacturer completely shift their brand from being in a dead last ranking by J.D. Power & Associates, to being No. 1,” Dr. Hartley said. “Along the way, I learned to grow businesses in a unique way, and I just found that kind of work extremely rewarding.”

A Win-Win Opportunity with ActionCOACH

Dr. Hartley still owns his video production company to this day, but his primary focus continues to be on helping businesses grow. That was just one of the factors that led him toward opening his own business coaching enterprise in Austin, Texas, with ActionCOACH last November. 

“I was actually approached by ActionCOACH to start a franchise, and it all just fell into place for me because I was already looking for more ways to help guide other businesses,” Dr. Hartley said. 

“ActionCOACH was perfect because it provided a platform of knowledge and peers I can work with on a weekly basis to improve clients’ businesses,” he explained. “It was also just such a wonderful culture – ActionCOACH is this great organization that’s like a big international family. Everyone is supportive of one another, and there’s no feeling of competition – we’re all there to help each other.”

Helping Clients – And Himself – Score Big in Business

Dr. Hartley signed on with ActionCOACH in November 2017 and opened his doors a few months later in February 2018. Although he’s only been in business for a relatively brief period, Michael has already been able to add 10 clients to his roster through his primary business coaching programs, helping them achieve impressive successes. 

“Since starting just a few months ago, my business has been growing at a nice rate, but even that pales in comparison to the changes in lives and businesses I’m seeing for the clients I work with,” said Michael. “It’s extremely gratifying.”

One of Dr. Hartley’s clients is a pet retail business that has doubled in size since the owner started working with ActionCOACH in the second quarter of this year. Another client, a marketing business, has more than tripled its revenue in the same period. And, a printing shop, whose slowest months have historically been June and July, has seen a more than 50 percent jump in revenue this summer over previous years.

A Solid Team for a Successful COACH

“With the business we’re in, you have to practice what you preach,” Dr. Hartley said. “We work with business owners to show them how to build their business successfully – when you’re in that kind of role, you should be great at building your own company. I’ve been fortunate to have success early on, but I’m excited to continue using the same strategies I give to other business owners in order to keep growing and improving my own business.” 

Dr. Hartley currently operates with two business coaches at his firm, but he plans to eventually have anywhere from 20 to 50 coaches within his ActionCOACH franchise. 

“I see us operating like a law firm where we have coaches who are generalists but also experts in different areas like marketing, sales and so on,” Dr. Hartley said. “Long term, I want to be the largest business coaching firm in Austin. With the excellent framework, support, system and expertise provided by the ActionCOACH brand, there’s no reason we shouldn’t remain the best as we scale.” 

If you’re interested in aligning yourself with the industry leader in business coaching, fill out our form to request more information about ActionCOACH today.

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