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How this Master Licensee Found Balance and a Passion for Work with ActionCOACH

How this Master Licensee Found Balance and a Passion for Work with ActionCOACH

Craig Hohnberger spent years working in corporate America traveling often and spending significant periods of time away from home. Although the work was rewarding, he remembered receiving a call from his wife while he was traveling for work that served as a wake up call.

“She told me that our only daughter had taken her first steps that day,” Craig said. “I realized I was missing out on the most important things in life. On my flight home from that business trip, a woman seated next to me gave me some life-changing advice. She helped me see how I should be spending my time—with my family.”

Craig started looking for a new career that he was passionate about, one that offered him that much needed balance and had a company culture that aligned with his values. But he just wasn’t finding these opportunities in corporate positions. That’s when he heard about opportunities with ActionCOACH.

“The company values resonated with me,” Craig said. “It was an opportunity to help people, and there was a good emphasis on culture. It was checking all the boxes for me.”

In 2000, Craig signed on as an ActionCOACH Master Licensee and has been growing ever since. With territories in four states, Craig has expanded his reach and fostered the development of difference-makers across the Midwest.

Finding a Passion for Work

While Craig started as a Master Licensee, he spent the first six months coaching as well. One of the first businesses Craig coached was a local dentist. The dentist wanted to develop in-office teamwork but wasn’t interested in expansion or business growth. Craig thought this was odd, even a missed opportunity so he dug deeper to understand the client.

“I found out he was a preacher’s son and was never interested in money,” Craig said. “He just wanted to help people. I could understand since that’s what got me involved with ActionCOACH.”

Craig worked with the dentist to help him understand that expanding his business was creating jobs and having a positive impact on the local economy. The dentist now owns eight practices and employs various associate dentists, dental hygienists and office staff.

“It felt so great to help this dentist use his passion for good,” Craig said. “I actually overheard a parent at my son’s soccer game raving about their dentist, and it was this dentist. It’s wild to see the impact that this one business had.”

Qualities of a Difference Maker

Master licensees have the unique experience of recruiting and employing ActionCOACH franchisees within their territories. Just like the business coaching central to the brand, this gives licensees like Craig the opportunity to manage and lead franchisees to become difference makers.

Craig looks for passionate and self-motivated franchisees, crucial characteristics for any business owner, but he also searches for critical thinkers.

“The ActionCOACH system is fantastic at leading business owners,” Craig said. “But each client is going to have different goals and needs. We’re not a cookie-cutter franchise system. You can customize the system to each individual client, and that’s what makes it so successful.”

Craig was so drawn to the ActionCOACH culture during his career search so he’s sure to find franchisees that fit into it well. Together they can make a difference in local, national and global communities.

“People need to know what we do. ActionCOACH owes it to the world to grow our business and the brand because we’re driving other businesses to grow, creating jobs and feeding the economy. We really can change the world.”

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