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How to Turn Your Love of Community Service into a Profitable Business

How to Turn Your Love of Community Service into a Profitable Business

Helping your community thrive through volunteer service is noble. Generous citizens who dedicate time to assisting animal shelters, garden clubs, libraries and countless other local organizations love what they do – and feel good about themselves.

But, what if you could help your community and get paid for it? By helping local businesses grow and prosper, you are, in essence, helping your community thrive. That’s because local businesses benefit communities in several ways:

  • They provide jobs to residents from the surrounding area
  • They contribute to the tax base, which helps fund schools, parks and other publicly used services
  • They promote spending at other local businesses
  • They help make up the community’s identity
  • They often give back to the community through sponsorships or act as a good neighbor in other ways

Business coaching is one of the best ways to help local business owners succeed. Not only is it emotionally fulfilling, but it can be financially rewarding, as well. ActionCOACH offers several possibilities through franchise ownership for people involved in their community who want to help local businesses thrive.

How to Apply Your Community Spirit as a Business Coach

Like community service volunteers, ActionCOACH franchisees and coaches have an ability to develop strong networks. At the same time, they are caring individuals who strive to make a difference in the lives of their clients – local business owners.

For example, Deborah Coskey, an ActionCOACH business coach, applied her love for her community in South Africa to helping local businesses and business owners succeed. Combining her business acumen and support from her ActionCOACH franchise owner, Deborah helped turn around a variety of companies.

S&A Generators appreciated Deborah’s ability to listen, guide, encourage, motivate, support and help the principals see the big picture. Thanks to Deborah, the company “expanded our networking with small businesses in the same boat, but at different stages of their journey, which helped motivate us to learn and adapt.”

Since working with Deborah, S&A Generators has experienced positive cash flow and has been able to acquire financing for the purchase of heavy-duty equipment, such as vehicles and a crane. The company’s staff is working more efficiently and is excited about the company’s potential.

Deborah helped another company in her community. PG Aluminum Windows & Doors, was able to pay off its investors in less than a year, put systems in place, develop budgets to follow and provide employees with key performance indicators (KPI) so they could evaluate their success. Just a year earlier, the company had trouble paying investors and covering expenses. Without systems and KPIs in place, the company was running inefficiently.

“It has made such a difference to just have someone, a coach, to bounce ideas off of, talk through issues, confirm your instincts and have as a mentor,” company founders wrote.

Coaching for a Cause

ActionCOACH also provides coaches and franchisees opportunities to help local charitable organizations.

Many coaches and franchisees participate in the Coaching for a Cause program, which provides pro bono coaching to non-profit organizations. Coaching for a Cause helps the altruistic organizations in your community increase donations, raise more money, improve operations, build better teams and generate more donor leads.

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