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The Business that Markets Itself

The Business that Markets Itself

Comprehensive marketing is essential to any strategic business plan. Some companies have a fantastic product or service but can’t effectively get the word out. For ActionCOACH business coaches, one of the most effective marketing strategies – speaking engagements – is built right into the business model.

According to a recent survey, speaking engagements generated almost as many leads as referrals and were rated the second most impactful marketing tool. By having built-in public speaking opportunities, marketing your business consulting services becomes exponentially easier.

Not only do speaking engagements position coaches as thought leaders, they’re also a great way to market their services, generate leads and make connections. Here are some ways speaking engagements work for growing your business coaching franchise:

Create Opportunities for Positive PR

Speaking engagements and keynote addresses provide you with an opportunity to get in front of your target audience and build a rapport. By using this platform, you can effectively position yourself as a thought leader in your local market, while building trust with potential leads and making them aware of your services.

You can also use your scheduled speaking engagement as a launch point for event-driven PR initiatives. Creating press releases or online press kits promoting your speech are a great way to drive attendance to your presentation, as well as market your expertise. Publish these on your website and social media channels, send them out through a wire service or pitch them to different media outlets for additional exposure.

Generate Versatile Content

Preparing for a speaking engagement takes a good amount of time, but you can maximize your investment by repurposing your content for other marketing collateral. Whether you convert your talking points into a blog post, webinar or social media posts, you’re able to extend the reach of a speaking engagement to generate leads and strengthen your relationships with current clients.

At the same time, ActionCOACH provides franchisees with an extensive array of marketing support and systems, including a local website, brochures, email templates and other collateral business coaches can use to strengthen the impact of speaking engagements.

Increase Lead Generation Efforts

When you speak at a conference, there are often a few perks that can enhance lead generation efforts for your business coaching franchise.

Conference organizers typically provide a list of attendees. As a result, you can use ActionCOACH’s pre-developed email templates to reach out to this list of contacts, who are already interested in the core content of what you have to say. You can usually get the list in advance, identify people you would like to connect with and try to schedule a time to meet during the event.

Advertising your business coaching franchise in conference collateral is another route you can go to promote lead generation. Certain conferences allow you to do this for free, as a courtesy for speaking at their event, while others may ask for an additional fee. Either way, this is a potent tool to build brand awareness and encourage prospective clients to reach out to you.

ActionCOACH coaches make their living providing strategic guidance and advice for business owners – you are a difference-maker in your local business community. Your speaking engagements will not only offer tips to help other business owners achieve their goals and desired outcomes, they’re also the perfect way to market your business services and generate leads.

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