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What Does it Take to be a Successful ActionCOACH Master Licensee?

What Does it Take to be a Successful ActionCOACH Master Licensee?

Master Licensees have the exclusive right to develop the ActionCOACH business coaching franchise brand within their territory, which could be a country, very large part of a country or several small countries. They establish and grow the brand by marketing the opportunity and recruiting great franchise partners throughout their territories.

Successful ActionCOACH Master Licensees are able to delegate day-to-day business coaching operations to the franchise partners and team members they recruit in their territory, which makes it possible for them to be absentee or semi-absentee business owners. 

In order to be successful, an ActionCOACH Master Licensee’s team needs to possess several qualities, including:

Deep Understanding of their Territory’s Local Customs and Marketplace

In order to ensure their business coaches meet the needs of small business owners in their area, Master Licensees need to deeply understand the local customs, consumers and marketplace. 

With knowledge of the local marketplace, Master Licensees can determine the best way to apply the ActionCOACH brand, business and framework to their community in order to help their business coaches and clients succeed. 

Leadership Skills

Master Licensees hold accountable, motivate and inspire their network of franchise partners. In order to draw new business coaches to the business as well as drum up clients, Master Licensees must have the leadership and communication skills to build confidence in the brand. 

As a coach of their coaches, Master Licensees need to be results-oriented and possess the skills to train and lead their team toward success. 

A Pioneer Spirit

In many cases, Master Licensees will be the first of their kind in their country or territory. While ActionCOACH provides a proven framework for success, it isn’t always easy to introduce a new concept to the marketplace, so Master Licensees must be fearless leaders—not followers. In order to break new ground, Master Licensees need to have a pioneer spirit and not be afraid to take risks and be a trailblazer. 

Strong Networking Skills

It helps if Master Licensees already have a network before they sign on; regardless, a large part of the job is building and nurturing a strong network of franchise partners and clients. 

From speaking events and seminars to conferences and community events, Master Licensees need strong networking skills in order to build trust in ActionCOACH, recruit new franchise partners and draw in new leads. 

An Eye for Talent

Master Licensees need to know what to look for in prospective franchise partners in order to sign on business coaches that will deliver results for their clients and the business. Successful Master Licensees have defined specific criteria that their business coaches must meet in order to join the business. 

Some of the qualities that our Master Licensees look for include the desire to learn and grow, the ability to work collaboratively and the tendency to look at business operations holistically. In order to build a highly effective team, Master Licensees must know how to identify these qualities in potential franchise partners. 

Drive to Make a Difference

Our Master Licensees are difference-makers. They change the lives of their franchise partners and small-business owners in their communities. It’s important for Master Licensees to have a real passion for our vision

Master Licensees have the greatest potential to make a difference, as they inspire their franchise partners to improve the businesses and lives of their clients. They make a positive impact on their business coaches, which in turn makes a difference in the lives of their clients.

With all of these qualities, a successful Master Licensee can build a business coaching empire and make a difference in their community, all with the freedom to be absentee or semi-absentee. 

Does this sound like you? If so, request more information about the ActionCOACH Master Licensee opportunity today. 

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