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What It’s Like to Run a Business without Competition

What It’s Like to Run a Business without Competition

As any business coach will tell you, knowing your strengths in relation to competitors is one of the cornerstones of any successful business strategy.

At ActionCOACH, our business model, size, years of experience, expertise, reputation and results are so far and above other business coaching companies that we essentially don’t have any competition. At least, there are no true competitors of our size and success.

By showing business owners how to get more time, better teams and add more revenue to their bottom line, ActionCOACH has grown to be the No. 1 business coaching firm in the world. Here’s why we’re an industry leader, and how the success we generate for clients has translated into our brand’s own success:

International Brand with an Impressive Reputation

With half a million clients in more than 70 countries, ActionCOACH is approximately ten times the size of our nearest competitor. We coach more than 18,000 businesses each week, and system-wide, our team of business coaches produce nearly half a billion dollars in revenue.

Not only does our extensive reach and client base speak to the breadth of our expertise and capabilities, our impressive size is in and of itself a significant competitive advantage over other business coaching firms.

“We are quite massive compared to any other organization that’s in a similar space,” said Herman Susanto, an ActionCOACH master licensee based in Indonesia. “A lot of individual business coaching or consulting companies are springing up now because of our success, but even though they’re trying to enter the same space, they’re not even close to our size. When I tell prospective clients about ActionCOACH’s huge international footprint, along with the hundreds of thousands of businesses we’ve helped as an organization, they soon realize we’re the best the industry has to offer.”

While ActionCOACH is the biggest company of its kind, our size extends far beyond our geographic footprint and the number of clients we’ve served. ActionCOACH has hundreds of proven systems and strategies guaranteed to get results.

And, with more than 60 revenue streams, we’re the only business coaching franchise with such a vast number of revenue-building opportunities for those who become coaches with our brand.

Extensive Expertise and Aggressive Agility

After helping so many businesses across every vertical, we’ve gained extensive expertise on the ins and outs of all different industries. With the wealth of knowledge we’ve accumulated over the years, we’ve developed best-in-class systems and processes that help our clients see quick, impactful and tangible results within their business – another one of our unique selling points.

We also created the business coaching industry and set the standards the industry lives by, including being the first coaching company to guarantee results. And while our company has been the industry leader ever since we first started 25 years ago, we make sure we never get too comfortable.

“There are dozens of competitors in the marketplace trying – unsuccessfully – to reach the level of ActionCOACH,” said Kevin Alft, Texas-based ActionCOACH master licensee. “Even though we are way ahead of anyone else in the industry, Brad Sugars and the rest of the ActionCOACH management team choose to continue stretching and challenging themselves instead of becoming complacent. You have to give them credit for being wired that way, and as a master licensee with the brand, that mindset has been an asset to my business and its growth.”

Since its inception, ActionCOACH has helped more clients, won more awards, gained more recognition and produced more profits than the combination of any 10 other business coaching companies across the world. As a franchise partner or master licensee with ActionCOACH, the brand name behind your business speaks for itself.

With no close industry competitors and hundreds of thousands of satisfied clients singing praises for the ActionCOACH system, business coaching services with our brand are an easy sell.

If you’re interested in aligning yourself with the industry leader in business coaching, fill out our form to request more information about ActionCOACH today.

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