Testimonials From Our Coaches

Maresa Ng

"Having been with ActionCOACH since 2008, Brad's organization has helped me grow, and that has assisted me to help many entrepreneurs. I'm so glad he started ActionCOACH. In his seminars, he shares practical ways of how he became successful with buying, building and selling businesses. One of the toughest most successful gurus, from actually showing the way from DOING, not teaching."

Barb Keys

"ActionCOACH was an opportunity for us to work together as a couple and also bring our daughter into the business, and have a wonderful time together. What most attracted me to ActionCOACH was the culture. People will choose culture over money anytime. The culture of the company is what really keeps peoples engaged ..."

Lisa Walker

"Coaching is for people who are successful but want to get their business to the next level. Maybe you’re tired of working the number of hours that you're working and you want to make more money and work fewer hours, that’s what coaching does ..."

Mike Mckay

"When I left the corporate world I knew that I was going to become a coach but wasn't sure which coaching model or process I should look at. When I saw the system Brad Sugars created, I was in. Literally in a 10 minute conversation I knew this was what I was going to do. Now I get to see Brad on a regular basis at conferences and events and every time I see him speak I end up with 20-30 pages of notes. Totally bizarre to me because it's the same stuff, he just takes us deeper and deeper into it."


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Why I Joined ActionCOACH

ActionCOACH Doug Winnie

Doug Winnie

ActionCOACH - Houston Texas

"I Became A Business Coach and changed my life forever. I increased my net worth, my lifestyle has improved and I travel to exotic places when I want."

Doug Winnie talks about being an ActionCOACH and how it changed his life forever.

ActionCOACH John Cottrell

John Cottrell

ActionCOACH - Herts UK

"There is a spirit of competitive co-operation in ActionCOACH which means we all learn from each other ... I’ve been able to change my life, my family’s life and my clients’ lives."

John Cottrell talks about the 3 reasons he bacame an ActionCOACH.

ActionCOACH Client Erika Kepersaite

Erika Kepersaite

Client - Mcausland & Turner

"My coach Pam has been great ... she helped me find the niche in my business and my unique selling point!"

As a client ... Erika Kepersaite talks openly about her coaching experiance with her ActionCOACH Pam Featherstone.  

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